Cabin Off The Beaten Path

About Cottage Off The Beaten Path

Do you want indulge in the comfort of green hills illuminated by the sun?

The Cottage Off the Beaten Path near Moravske Toplice offers a spacious living room with a beautiful view of the surroundings, where you will feel like you are sitting outside in a clearing, in the middle of the forest. You can warm up the whole cottage with the beautiful wood-burning fireplace.

The cottage also offers a dining room for 8 people, a kitchen with a stove like our grandmothers had, and all the modern appliances and utensils needed to prepare food.


What does Cabin Off The Beaten Path Offer?

A secluded cottage near Moravske Toplice offers you a spacious living room with a beautiful view of the surroundings, where you will feel as if you are sitting outside on a clearing in the middle of the forest. You can heat yourself with a beautiful wood-burning fireplace, which will heat the entire cottage.

The cottage also offers a dining room for 8 people, which you can take care of in the kitchen with all modern appliances, and there you will also find a traditional wood stove, as our grandmothers had.

You can also find peace in the extra-large bathroom, which invites with a spa bath and a hydromassage shower. You can relax in the enclosed bedroom or on the beds you will find in the communal gallery.

Outdoor pool with sun loungers

Outdoor log sauna

Outdoor hot tub


Huge outdoor space for socializing

Garden (1 hectare) with toys for children and deer in the barn

Large parking lot

The building is protected by an alarm device

Air-conditioned rooms

Activities in the area

Keep your vacation active

If you are a true athlete at heart and activities are also an important part of your vacation, the surroundings of the hut alone offer you a lot of sports activities. The famous hiking route Sladka pot (Sweet Route) is at your disposal, but you can also take a walk between the forests and meadows. Cyclists can ride bicycles rented at the Moravske Toplice Tourist Information Center on at least 10 famous cycling routes in Pomurje, and mushroom picking is also available.

There is a golf course in the nearby Moravske Toplice, and you can go fishing on Lake Bukovnik.

In winter, of course, we must not forget about your youngest and also adults who want to pamper the child within. However, if you feel more romantic, you can wander to a nearby meadow and have a picnic in complete privacy. However, you can let your imagination run wild and create your own unique activity.

Take a break from your everyday hustle

Stay in the Cottage Off The Beaten Path and treat yourself to a total disconnect

How many times have you opted for the perfect getaway because the carriage for him was definitely scratched. At our fountain you can simply look at the deer in the field, on the lounger by the summer pool and pick up your favorite book or drink your favorite cocktail.

Gourmets can prepare a different edge in the modern kitchen and you can see it on the large terrace with a sun terrace, you can also prepare a picnic on the fountain. In the amount of your loved ones, you can spend the hungry months with a crackling stone, and simply spend the evening before a refreshing sleep in the wellness area, which offers a swimming pool, hot tub, bio absorbent for wood and every year.

Take full advantage of the Huts yourself and recharge your batteries for the next turn coming from this chassis basket.

Sightseeing in local area

Discover the beauties of Goričko region

Goričko region offers many opportunities to explore the surrounding sights, all of which can be visited on foot or by bike.

Moravske Toplice

Golf Moravske Toplice

Vinarium Tower in Lendava

Bukovnica Lake

Adrenaline park Bukovniško jezero

Castle Grad na Goričkem

Castle Matzenau in Prosenjakovci

Vulkanija Adventure Park

Rotunda Church in Selo

Plečnik's Church in Bogojina

Gorički raj Cheese Factory

Chocolate Shop Passero

Medičarstvo Celec v Ratkovcih

Šunkarna Kodila

Ocean Orchids - Tropical Garden

Lušt Tomato Factory


Great opportunities for cycling trips

Moravske Toplice z okolico imajo okrog 200 km označenih kolesarskih poti in 2 kolesarska maratona na leto. Krasne priložnosti za družinske izlete v naravo. Kolesarske poti imajo edinstvena imena, prilagojene so različnim stopnjam vzdržljivosti.

Moravske Toplice-Tešanovci-Moravske Toplice 

Moravske Toplice-Noršinci-Martjanci-Moravske Toplice 

Moravske Toplice-Tešanovci – Bogojina – Ivanci – Mlajtinci – Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice – Mlajtinci – Ivanci – Bogojina – Filovci – Strehovci – Dobrovnik – Bukovniško jezero – Bukovnica – Bogojina – Tešanovci – Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice – Martjanci – Sebeborci – Andrejci – Zgornji Moravci – Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice – Zgornji Moravci – Fokovci – Vučja Gomila – Tešanovci – Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice – Tešanovci – Vučja Gomila – Selo – Prosenjakovci – Pordašinci – Motvarjevci – Bukovnica – Bogojina – Tešanovci – Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice – Martjanci – Sebeborci – Ivanovci – Kančevci – Ratkovci – Lončarovci – Ivanjševci – Berkovci – Prosenjakovci – Motvarjevci – Bukovnica – Bogojina – Tešanovci – Moravske Toplice

Moravske toplice – Zgornji Moravci – Prosenjakovci – Magyarszombatfa (H) – Gödörháza (H) – Velemér (H) – Szentgyörgyvölgy (H) – Nemesnép (H) – Kobilje – Motvarjevci – Bukovnica – Bogojina – Tešanovci – Moravske Toplice

INFO: TIC MORAVSKE TOPLICE, Kranjčeva ulica 3, 9226 Moravske

3 eur / hour or 12 eur / day

T: +386 2 538 15 20,

MON – PE: 8:00 – 18:00
SO: 7:00 – 15:00
NO / public holidays: 08:00 – 14:00